Working with a team was so much fun as we learned, created, made decisions and shared ideas together. To see our concept come alive with the research, insights and prototypes we have generated, was the most satisfying feeling I got from this experience.

Kiwiharvest was a great client for this service design project as it was very insightful for our team to work with a non-profit organisation; to discover their purpose, goals and impact was incredibly humbling and it gave us perspective to the problems and concerns of our society, specifically to food insecurity and wastage. Creating connections with corporate companies to help those in need is a great way of connecting our community closer together.

Overall, service design plays a huge role in helping businesses, companies and people – to form stronger connections through understanding clients, as well as providing innovative ideas that not only improve the service, but create meaning and understanding from the people and the society we live in to help us all see the ‘bigger picture’.