In hopes to change the behaviour of this growing ’anti-social’ society, Nstlgia Eatery & Gamezone proposes a human to human experience, encouraging customers not only to build and grow authentic relationships, but also to live ‘in the moment’ without having to be online – through the compelling use of ‘nostalgia’. Nstlgia Eatery & Gamezone is a space where human to human interactions are promoted, welcomed and championed.

Despite the looming power of social media consuming the time and the energy of an individual, one can find Nstlgia as a sanctuary to get away from the ‘buzzing noise of the media’; to relax, unwind and rediscover the sweet touch and the beauty of genuine, “oldschool” communication that no other piece of technology can replicate.

Through the helpful use of Design Thinking tools such as BMC’s, Value Propositions, User Experience Journey Mapping, DVF Models and the Four Pleasures Chart, NSTLGIA is shaped to be an innovative, one of a kind business model that takes the competition out of the equation.